Monday, February 28, 2022

small pockets slides onto the solo lo-fi scene with debut single ‘Malevene’

small pockets, the creative project of Atlanta-based multi-instrumentalist Joey Kirby, has released his debut single and music video as a solo artist in the form of ‘Malavene’.

The reflective, lo-fi track takes listeners on such a powerful, personal journey with small pockets in such a short space of time.

A beautiful ode and tribute to his ‘warm-hearted-superhuman-undefeated-tetris-champion-grandmother’ (via Instagram),  ‘Malavene’ takes listeners through raw and vulnerable lyrics.

The track is composed of soft, dreamy synths and calm drum beats. With the addition of wave sounds and bass thick with reverb, small pockets creates an electronic symphony that gently hypnotises the listener, completely drawing you into both the song and video. 

The accompanying music video, gloriously animated by Josephine Ruff-Sloan and Jennifer Frisco is a psychedelic and bittersweet journey through time and the memories small pockets shared with their grandma. It lingers on positive experiences; Tetris together, “diet coke and cigarettes”, and “napping through Price is Right”. Following this, the brighter colours take a backseat for more neon, electronic tones on darker backdrops as we follow the moments closer to small pockets’ grandma’s passing. The visuals perfectly compliment the track and vice versa, as though they are naturally a unified entity. 

Although deeply personal, the track taps into emotions many listeners will be able to relate to. With lyrics like “I wrote these songs for you / Trying to make you proud”, small pockets tugs on the universal struggle of trying to make a family member proud. 

The track ends the way it begins- “I’ve been travelling / Longer than I ever planned for / I miss you”, reflecting how easy it can be to go round in circles in grief and to fall back into memories. Although painful, both the track and music video end on a bittersweet moment of joy, with the animated depiction of small pockets’ grandma smiling as he enters the room. 

The track and music video together truly are an experience in dealing with loss but looking back on fond memories in full luminous colours and beauty. 

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘Malavene’ Official Single Cover

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