Sunday, February 27, 2022

JULIENCE Tells a Realistic and Hard-hitting tale with single ‘Alcohol'

Dutch singer-songwriter Julience is back with his first highly anticipated single. ‘Alcohol’ is an epic song fuelled by heavy-loaded guitars and echoing vocals that transport you straight from the studio into a new world.

Originally from the Netherlands Julience made the choice to move to Manchester to be a part of the live music scene and to further his career. Taking inspiration from artists such as The Beatles, Oasis, and Thin Lizzy, Julience merges rock and pop together to create a melodic sound.   

Shown throughout this  track, ‘Alcohol’  is narrative-driven and according to Julience, ‘describes the harmful effect of alcohol abuse on relationships and mental health and vice versa.’  Julience excellently builds an image of this in the minds of listeners of an intoxicated daze through the long, drawn-out guitars that pay homage to retro rock with a modern pop twist that is somewhat familiar but still feels refreshed and new.

Drawing inspiration from his time as a barman, observing individuals and their behaviours, his lyrics are hard-hitting mixed with monotone-like vocals and a robust rhythm, this balance is addictive to listen to and can be compared to that of The Pixies melodramatic style. It is Julience’s use of dominating guitars that sets a consistent tone through the song and blurs the lines between sobriety and inebriation.

'Alcohol’ is no doubt a heavy hitter but an excellent song nonetheless. Julience tells and creates a vivid story from his own experiences giving it a personal touch. The guitar riffs hooks and draws you in and without a doubt evoke an emotional response. ‘Alcohol’ is an insight into the sheer talent that Julience has and there is no doubt he will go from strength to strength with future releases.

Ana Joy King
Image: 'Alcohol' Official Single Cover

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