Tuesday, March 01, 2022

Everything Everything bring the energy energy to new single ‘Bad Friday’

Everything Everything are a quirky four-piece band who have solidified their place within the indie music scene with five experimental albums over the last decade. They are known for shifting their styles and have a hugely diverse body of work. Ahead of their sixth studio album comes its’ first single ‘Bad Friday’.

The production is infused with pop and R&B tones, which stray from all else the group has released, hinting that the upcoming record will be adventurous in style. Synths and electronic beats are pulled together with the distinctive falsettos of the frontman’s vocals.
The song’s lyrics initially appear to be the retelling of a night out gone wrong - with memory being lost. However, the tone is also much darker, with themes of violence and injury littered throughout. It purposefully paints a vague picture which puts the listener in the shoes of someone who cannot remember aspects of a night. The single therefore has an ominous atmosphere that is effectively uneasy.
These elements combined keep the track’s energy high and intense which directly reflect the subject matter; the elements of the song all connect fluidly. Everything Everything always brings a thoughtful element to the layers of their work and ‘Ba
d Friday’ is the perfect example of how this can make for great music.

Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Bad Friday’ Official Single Cover 

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