Saturday, February 12, 2022

‘Feel the Fall’: Prince Li Brings Light to Angst

With his debut single ‘Feel the Fall’, British-Korean indie-pop artist Prince Li has tapped into a relatable, authentic, and unique sound. The singer, who describes his sound as “borderless indie pop to the existentially dread ridden” (via Spotify), expertly tackles the angst of feeling like you’ve wasted your time.

‘Feel the Fall’ discusses the feeling of being lost in your youth. Prince Li sings candidly about the pressures of time steadily ticking forward (“I feel the fall of tomorrow”, “Gone through each day in my own way / Did I waste my time”) and feeling as though you’re wandering aimlessly (“Left the main road some time ago and I don’t know how far I’ve gone”). 

Speaking about the track, they explain, “‘Feel the Fall’ was born out of overwhelming thoughts and feelings I’ve had since I was a teenager: Am I wasting my time? Will this work out? I don’t want to look stupid but I also don’t want to regret anything before I die.” (via Clout) 

Despite the heavy subject matter, the upbeat track pulses with vibrant, infectious energy. It radiates pure fun, characterized by a driving indie beat, Beatles-inspired guitar, and an energetic chorus. The verses are mellow, featuring a laid-back drum groove and catchy guitar riff to highlight Prince Li’s vocals. Drums take center stage, leading the charge in the buildup to the chorus. The chorus is where the track really lets loose, intensifying the beat and guitar and adding organ, tambourine, playful claps, and harmonies. The track also adds a unique flair with instrumental interludes and a bridge that places the guitar in the spotlight.

Prince Li has produced a strong debut that showcases his talent and unique sound. ‘Feel the Fall’ looks to be the start of a promising career.


Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: ‘Feel the Fall’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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