Thursday, February 10, 2022

Michael Sanders Unveils A Dreamy ‘Miss Lady’

American musician, Michael Sanders, recently treated his fans to an atmospheric and dreamy piece of music titled, ‘Miss Lady.’ 

The song showcases Sanders’ strengths - assisting the audience to drift away from reality for a few brief moments with a heart-warming and sensual track touching on love, romance, uncertainty, and a distorted sense of reality. 

The music is at times reminiscent of a bygone ’70s psychedelia era as the Austin, Texas-based musician looks to revive a genre that helped to pave the way to the music created today. 

The track includes a synth, distorted guitar, and drums which help to push the music to delicately sway between a heightened sense of reality and becoming lost in a dream cloud, only leaving its audience wanting more. Lyrics such as, ‘’I’m gonna say how I really feel Miss Lady / At the edge of reality, yeah it's crazy,’’ echo and swirl around the audience from the moment the song begins until it fades out. 

The dynamics are delicate in the way they slowly increase and decrease in between the verse and chorus. The doubling vocals in the mix help to create even more tension in the music as it ends with a touch of ambiguity. It is well worth downloading and streaming the music and keeping an eye on future updates and releases on his Spotify and other social media pages. 

Sanders has already received a lot of praise lately from his widely growing fan base with other recent singles such as ‘This Century’ and ‘Happy Halloween,’ and it can be said that his latest songs are only going to gain more momentum and popularity as his voice starts to be heard overseas.

Antony Bailey


Image: Official Michael Sanders (via Bandcamp)

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