Saturday, February 12, 2022

Human Interest are here to brighten up the winter months with their vibrant new track, ‘Feel Good’

Hailing from East London, indie rock group Human Interest are an exciting new addition to the city’s music scene. They hit the ground the running last year with their debut single ‘ALIVE’, and their latest release, ‘Feel Good’, comes ahead of their first EP, ‘Desire Paths’, which is scheduled for a March release.

‘Feel Good’ is the most vibrant of Human Interest’s singles yet, and the riotous electric guitar which opens the track instantly establishes this infectious energy. The vocals of lead singer Cat Harrison slide effortlessly into the mix with a twang reminiscent of Lou Reed à la The Velvet Underground.


Beneath the veneer of classically toe-tapping indie-rock, the track’s message is a deeper exploration of what it means to ‘feel good’. The first few hooks espouse the pressure to settle down and “meet somebody / if you wanna feel good”. The track then turns this notion on its head in the final chorus – challenging “old school rules” and “expectations” to celebrate the possibility of simply being “free to live your life”. There is a distinct self-assuredness to the balance maintained between the dynamism of the instrumentals and the more thoughtful lyrical substance.


Coming ahead of Valentine’s Day, ‘Feel Good’ is a liberating anthem for singles. Its final sprint is an invigorating sonic blast at the track’s close, catching listeners off-guard in its unadulterated celebration of personal freedom.

A significant element of Human Interest’s appeal lies in the intimacy of their recording process, which bleeds naturally into the auditory experience of their tracks. Speaking to The Line Of Best Fit, Harrison explained, “We decided to work with home demos in order to capture the authentic DIY way in which the songs have been made”, describing the less polished demo versions of the tracks as “more vulnerable” than their retouched counterparts.


The band already have more than a few supporting act credits to their name, and this April will mark their first headlining gig at the Shacklewell Arms in London. You can grab your tickets now! And be sure to keep your eyes on these guys – they’re only just getting started!



Eleanor Burleigh


Image: ‘Feel Good’ Official Single Cover


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