Saturday, February 19, 2022

MØ releases the past with latest single ‘New Moon’

Danish superstar MØ has released her much anticipated third album ‘Motordrome’ and delivered with it, the astrologically influenced art that is ‘New Moon’

Following on from 2018’s album ‘Forever Neverland’, Motordrome’ is the artist’s most recent offering; bursting with highly addictive undiluted pop, intertwined with dark grungy punk. 

In ‘New Moon’, listeners are introduced to a spellbinding, pop-infused sound with addictive melodies and liberating penmanship. We see the singer stepping into her power as the track progresses and experience the physical shedding of her old self. She goes through the motions of dealing with, and processing a multitude of different emotional states to eventually arrive at her final form and be born a-new – almost exactly like the cycles of the moon. 


Throughout the duration of the track, we see the artist evolve as she speaks of leaving a manipulative relationship and chooses to focus on herself and her growth;‘I'm not that somebody that you used to bully’,‘It's a new moon and I'm over you/ Bringing me down’which is also reflected within: ‘You kept ripping up my emotions/ Calling it devotion/ You won't get away with that’. 


The music video to accompany the track is directed by Fa and Fon Watkinstwo London-based multi-visual partners. It is an all-consuming visual delight and represents the singer confronting her fears head on with unfaltering bravery and unmatched determination. 


MØ teaches us that we can always choose to embrace our own magic in this track. We don't have to settle for situations or people that don't align with our purpose. With her hauntingly distinctive voice and unmistakable style, the singer effortlessly provides a sense of the otherworldly, partnered with her unfaltering authenticity. The track truly serves as a playground for self-expression and personal empowerment. Stylistically, ‘New Moon’ is a dance track that sways us with its seductive synths and encourages us to look forward and gather the strength to leave what no longer serves us and make healthy changes in our lives. 

Felicity Giles 


Image:  ‘New Moon’ Official Single Cover


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