Tuesday, February 08, 2022

‘Connection - Echo in the Dark Pt. 1’ , The Kooks Return With A Wholesome Introduction To Their Love Fuelled Album

The Kooks are back and better than ever with ’Connection - Echo in the Dark’, the EP teaser emerging ahead of their full release of ’10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark’

This latest album is coming after lead singer Luke Pritchard tied the knot in 2019 and welcomed a new baby just a few months ago, perhaps inspiring this new era of love songs.

The three tracks provide a new sound from the band, leading as Part 1 of the entire record. 

The opening song ‘Connection’ is a real love song, it’s about falling in love with someone and making a genuine attachment. Not being able to stop thinking about a special person, feeling like it’s life or death to be with them. In a recent interview with NME, Luke Pritchard revealed the true incentive behind the lyrics and when asked if the song was about his wife, he responded, “It is, 100 per cent. It’s about the night we met”. This gives the track a real bold feeling, knowing that it is truly from the songwriter's first-hand experience of falling in love. 

‘Jesse James’ is the second track on the Part 1 EP. It’s equally jolly and upbeat as it discusses the chilled-out and laid-back nature of Pritchard’s new domestic lifestyle, depicted through the lyrics “Living without a care” and “Cause everything is gonna be alright”. The inevitability of positivity and success creates a refreshing message for all listeners. 


The final release from ‘Echo in the Dark’ is ‘Modern Days’. The track gives off a Tame Impala mixed with Arctic Monkeys type sound, with it being strong and even verging on electronic. The lyrics talk of living in your own modern-day world, staying in the current moment, and not necessarily worrying about future problems or past mistakes, “Oh babe, we live for these modern days”. 


Since the release of The Kooks' previous album ‘Let’s Go Sunshine’, this most recent album definitely feels like an uplift of spirits, even within the first three releases - the songs feel like they have a highly positive surrounding. This rich inspiration has brought excitement back to the fans, especially as it is only a teaser as to what is yet to come from The Kooks this year. Not only is there an entire album in store, but a European 15th Anniversary tour is also taking place between February and March 2022. Hopefully, along with the success of ’10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark’ we can also look forward to a larger worldwide outing from the band from Brighton. 


Anna Scrimgeour 


Image: ‘10 Tracks to Echo in the Dark’ Official Album Cover 



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