Monday, February 07, 2022

Kevin Roy Correll Proves Rock Will Never Die On Stomping Single ‘Victory’

Kevin Roy Correll is a man who clearly still finds joy in his craft. After struggling throughout his career to find synergy with his fellow musicians, the old-school rocker has finally found harmony as a solo artist - ‘Victory’ is a perfect testimony to that newly discovered spark. 

A blues-fuelled riff and steady, building drums commence the track before a crescendo of lizard-brained riffs and the crashing of symbols truly announce the arrival of ‘Victory’. It perfectly encapsulates what Correll is all about, as his no-nonsense and visceral sound take centre stage once again on this excellent 5-minute rollercoaster of rock ‘n’ roll heritage. 

“I’m singing here and I’ll tell you right now I will never stop!” proclaims the musician. It’s a bold statement, made even more profound by Correll’s aged vocals, yet they are aged in the way a fine smoky Irish whisky may age, developing layers of texture over the years it’s been sealed away.  

It’s no surprise that the chorus is followed by a solo for the ages, as the guitarist effortlessly dances over the fretboard. The ease with which the song flows from one section to the next means that despite its relatively lengthy run time, the track never stagnates and keeps the listener engaged. It would be hard not to be, however, with how Correll’s lust for life crashes through the speakers. The fact that the singer is still able to produce such excitement after a life devoted to music is evidence of not only his superb craftsmanship, but also the passion he has for what he does, and the listeners can almost certainly hear that throughout ‘Victory’ 

With a wealth of experience behind him and talent in abundance, it’s hard to see how Correll improves from here, but if ‘Victory’ is anything to go by, then maybe he doesn’t need to improve at all. 

James Ogden 

Image: Kevin Roy Correll 

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