Wednesday, February 09, 2022

Billy Cadden releases new indie-pop banger ‘One in control’

Billy Cadden mixes hard rock-style drums with the fundamental sounds of indie-pop in his latest release ‘One In Control'.

Based out of New York, Cadden rose to prominence as the drummer for major label rockers The Postelles before venturing out as a solo artist. Billy has also been drumming for Brooklyn-based musicians Dances and Jangula who collaborated together to create the label/collective Jubilee Gang, that he has released this latest single under.


One in Control’ has a run time of just over 3 minutes and kicks off with grungy guitars paired with backing piano, with the latter bringing some organic elements into the mix. With Cadden being a drummer by trade, the drums are naturally the star of the show on this track. Punchy Toms and Snares elevate the rhythm of this cut, with the use of well-timed symbols and crash hits helping add punch to the end of each segment of the song.


At the bridge, we get treated to some harmonious backing vocals, which, in tandem with the main vocal, really brings another dimension to the track, adding both variety and a welcomed softer edge.


This is an impressive effort by the New York native, who has certainly found his feet and a unique style as a solo artist.


Dan Jones

Image: ‘One In Control’ Official Single Cover (Press)

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