Saturday, January 01, 2022

The Blinders demonstrate their versatility with an atmospheric cover of ‘The Killing Moon’

The Blinders, a Manchester-based duo made up of vocalist Thomas Haywood and bass guitarist Charlie McGough, are quickly becoming highfliers of the UK alternative rock scene. Boasting sharp and acute lyricism and inventive instrumentals, they’re not letting anything slow them down.

 Despite their individuality, the band take no issue in paying homage to the classics, as seen in their recent cover of the iconic 1980’s gothic-rock track ‘The Killing Moon’, originally performed by Echo & The Bunnymen. But The Blinders haven’t just straightforwardly copied the track’s original composition. Instead, they manage to put their own spin on ‘The Killing Moon’ while creatively channelling Echo & The Bunnymen by recording their performance at Parr St Studios, which was also used by the Liverpudlian band back in the ‘80s.


An outtake from their new album, ‘The Lounge Lizard Session’, this cover captures the eerie ambience of the original, with Haywood’s smooth, husky vocals providing just the right balance between emulating Ian McCulloch and weaving in a new take. It’s more elementally stripped back than its predecessor, with the famously enigmatic guitar twangs placed front and centre, and Haywood given ample room to play.

As the track winds down, the lyrical invocations to “give yourself to fate” feel stirring enough to take on a power all of their own. As covers go, it’s an impressive feat.


The track is also accompanied by a music video where the band, decked out in appropriately moody black ensembles, take part in a vintage-toned booth session. 


‘The Lounge Lizard Session’ is available on all streaming services now. 


The Blinders’ new EP ‘Electric Kool-Aid: Part One’ is out on January 14th with the band playing a release event at Manchester’s Night & Day Café.

Eleanor Burleigh


Image: ‘The Lounge Lizard Session’ Official Album Cover



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