Sunday, January 02, 2022

Sticky Fingers create a sultry look on lost love in new single ‘Crooked Eyes’

Australian alternative rock band Sticky Fingers - made up of Dylan Frost, Seamus Coyle, Paddy Cornwall, and Daniel Neurath - are best known for eccentric reggae-infused production with a psychedelic feel. 

Their atest single ‘Crooked Eyes’ is reigned in from their usual offerings, yet still has a flair associated with the group. 

A tale of toxic love, frontman Frost admitted that the song has been stuck in production over the last couple of years in an interview with Total Entertainment. His vocals are consumed with emotion, towards the latter half of the track in particular - they become strained. The nature of his singing brings the lyrics alive, adding a layer of intimacy that elevates the subject matter. The track has been brought to life with sultry instrumentation, tinged with warmth from band members.

The single makes for a cathartic blend of smooth piano notes and subtle guitar riffs, with an alternative twist of raspy vocals oozing coexisting emotions that conflict the mind - yet somehow hold equal validity. The lyrics “Please don't blame me from the outside in // All it takes is a little bit of trust in me” are riddled with desire. However, they are unfortunately rooted in the knowledge that the relationship is over. The song is an ode to love lost, but more than that it captures the point of breaking with delicacy and lack of resentment. 

The elusive topic is handled with confidence as the band delivers perhaps their most introspective track yet. 

Jessica McCarrick


Image: ‘Crooked Eyes’ Official Single Cover 

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