Monday, January 17, 2022

Michelle Suggest Love Might Just Have An Expiration Date

Michelle, the band from the big apple, have hit the ground running in the New Year as they return from the thriving New York music scene with the release of their latest -  showing the world that love can have an ‘Expiration Date’. Their latest record arrives just before the unveiling of their new album ‘After Dinner We Talk Dreams’ scheduled for release on the 28th January.  

The song contains a rather melancholic tone and comes with a music video that may be unsuitable for some viewers. There are some magical two- and three-part harmony in the choruses combined with layered melodic phrases and a rhythm and bass-inspired beat to embellish the music.  

Lyrics along the lines of ‘’You and I have got an expiration date / Had to be said, you’re stuck in my head’’ suggests that relationships need to be cherished and enjoyed while they last. It doesn’t necessarily mean to say a person is in the wrong relationship but more a case of making the most of life as nothing lasts forever.  

The tune has already received lots of positive feedback from their followers on social media and the lyrics strike a chord with a global audience of all ages, genders, and cultures as it brings people closer together. Almost everybody experiences ups and downs in a relationship in addition to feeling alone if it comes to an end and that is the best thing about the music. 

The band have started the New Year in style and will be looking to unveil more of their new material over the course of the year. Fans will just as equally be as eager to see them live as they are set to start their European tour including shows in the UK before heading back to perform in Canada and the US. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: Official 'Expiration Date' Single Cover

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