Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Cannons’ new single ‘Purple Sun’ lights the way to alternative realities coloured in Pantone's Very Peri

With SpaceX’s Mechazilla Launch Tower ready to welcome Elon Musk’s rockets back on Earth after traveling around space, LA trio Cannons have recently released their futuristic new single called ‘Purple Sun’

Previously Cannons popped up in the music scene gaining almost 80 million streams worldwide after placing ‘Fire For You’ in the pivotal episode of Devi and Paxton’s electric kiss from the original Netflix series “Never Have I Ever”. 

The alternative/electro-pop band formed in 2013 soon after Michelle Joy moved to Los Angeles and met Ryan Clapham and Paul Davis already musical partners-in-crime. Joy’s fluid vocals mingle with the glossy Clapham’s guitar setting up a sci-fi landscape lighted by a rising purple sun. 

The slow Davis drums place the track literally on another planet making ‘Purple Sun’ the perfect track to pump in a cocktail beach bar far, far away from us packed by robots drinking an odd mix of alcohol and car fuel.

As we’re rewriting our lives since the start of this pandemic, ‘Purple Sun’ it’s not just another track on the wall. “‘Purple Sun’ is a song that transports you into a warm, lighthearted world where reality and dreamworld intertwine, sparking the desire to love and enjoy the moment fearlessly,” shared Joy on social media platforms. 

It’s about embracing new possibilities as much as different realities but missing lighter times from 3 years ago, and interestingly Pantone’s new “Very Peri” pattern was born under similar intentions. 

‘Purple Sun’ follows the releases of ‘Bad Dream’ and ‘Ruthless’, and paves the way to more new music on the horizon, so stay tuned to hear some more from Cannons and eventually make some noise once you head at their next gigs held in Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara and LA to mention just a few!

Martina Bovetta


Image: Cannons ‘Purple Sun' Official Single Cover

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