Saturday, January 15, 2022

Blood Red Shoes is delivering the perfect creepy, slasher film vibe with ‘Murder Me’

Rock duo from Brighton, Blood Red Shoes, have released their third single in anticipation for their upcoming album ‘Ghosts on Tape’. The duo formed in 2004, eventually releasing their first album in 2008 and even went on to start their own label, ‘Jazz Life’ in 2014.

They have previously captured more of a punk sound, similar to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Huggy Bear but have decided to take a darker, gothic, glam sound, similar to Depeche Mode on their upcoming sixth album.

Drummer for the duo, Steven Ansell stated on Instagram that with this new sound they are embracing the strange and their reputation of outsiders; and they have hit peak creepy with this new single.

‘Murder Me’ is a spooky song romanticizing the dark minds of stalkers, murderers and serial killers and is perfect for the rising true crime obsession amongst people. The song immediately sucks the listener into an atmosphere that feels like a sexy slasher film. Produced by Tom Dalgety of the Pixies, there are layers of reverb and distortion that enhance the intensity of the lyrics. Through the programmed sound, Laura-Mary Carter’s ghostly vocals truly stand out, perfectly encompassing this eerie vibe. The haunting lyrics are delivered through a stompy chorus, menacing riff and an in-your-face beat.

The band is emphasising their vibe of being the ‘different ones’ in punk rock and it is some of their best work yet. A group whose name is inspired from a scene in a Ginger Rogers musical where she turns white shoes red with blood from so much dancing, it works perfectly for them to embrace the strange and honestly, it doesn’t get more rock and roll than that. ‘Murder Me’ provides a lot to look forward to for the new sound on ‘Ghost on Tape’ which was released on January 14.


Hope Orr


Image: 'Murder Me' Official Single Artwork

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