Sunday, December 19, 2021

‘You’re Not Harry Styles’: A Dating Standards Anthem

DYLAN, a 22-year-old English artist hailing from Suffolk, has blessed the ears of her fans with a new self-love hyper-pop/rock anthem. 

You’re Not Harry Styles’, is a brutally honest takedown of a self-obsessed, stuck-up partner who is not treating her right. Lyrically, this song is full of sass and direct digs at its subject, notably including: “When you're messing with my head for pleasure/ You ain't tall enough to act like that.

And then the line “Running around with your god complex / Do you picture yourself while we're having sex together?”, that just begs to be screamed out loud in your bedroom. 

This track is accompanied with flowing chords and engaging levels, from its stripped-back pre-chorus hook “To you I'm an overly emotional, easily replaceable / Overthinking dumb blonde who never got her shit together” to the dream-pop chorus- an explosion of layered guitars, synth and drums. 

DYLAN is reminiscent of a more rock-inspired Taylor Swift, taking direct hits at people that deserve it with unapologetic confidence and witty one-liners. 

DYLAN’s ‘You’re Not Harry Styles’ was released on 26th November in preparation for a 4-city stint U.K. tour covering Birmingham, Manchester, London and Bristol. 

Frankie Golding

Image: DYLAN Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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