Sunday, December 19, 2021

Cellos Look To Restore The Faith With 'Out Of Luck'

The four-piece Indie band Cellos hail from County Durham and have been busy lately as they have recently unveiled their latest offering titled ‘Out Of Luck’.

The band members Niall, Joe, Jack, and Harry have recorded a single that is considerably both empowering and angst-ridden, serving as a lifeline for the many whose lives have been hindered substantially due to the mounting crises imposed on most parts of the world.  

The intro begins with a gentle guitar riff before the opening line ‘’There’s not a lot left now / It’s just you and your rusty razor blade’’ paints a rather dark image in the mind of the listener to suggest something far more sinister has been occurring lately as the music takes its audience down an unenviable corridor of uncertainty.  

The vocal melody pierces the atmospheric tension created from the quartet’s subtle dynamic approach. The song progresses into the first verse and chorus where there is a smooth dynamic fluctuation backed by short, improvised fills to guide the music through each section of the record. Much like to the intro, the outro closes the tune in similar fashion to how it started with reverb over the lyrics ‘’It’s just you and your rusty razor blade’’ which is repeated for the final time before being greeted by a wall of silence.  

The band will undoubtedly be looking to establish themselves on the ever-evolving domestic Indie scene as they head into the New Year looking to hit the ground running. Their latest single is sure to be popular with their flourishing fan base and they have recently had airtime on BBC Radio Tees which is a great way to close what has been an unforgettable year for a band that are sure to continue making a lot of noise in the near future and beyond.  

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Out Of Luck' Official Single Cover

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