Sunday, December 19, 2021

Desert Ships sail away to space with new single ‘Fire on the Moon’

London-based four-piece ‘Desert Ships’ have released their latest new single ‘Fire On The Moon’  the most recent track from their forthcoming third LP ‘Heavy Soup.’  

With skin-tingling synths, electric vocal harmonies, futuristic fuzz bass, and psychedelic beats ‘Fire On The Moon’ transports us to space and radiates a sense of otherworldly dream-like euphoria with lyrical content such as:  “… A man in a spacesuit fixing the stars”.  

Fire On The Moon’ helps remind us of the existence of something other than our present realities and tells the story of a man living alone in space missing his family and carrying out his daily duties in orbit.

With motorik beats and hypnotic grooves, the track provides undeniable energy throughout, directly contrasted towards the end with the slow fade out creating a sense of floating away into the ether, almost exactly as if we were suspended in space drifting through the stars. 

Having been previously played on BBC Radio 6 with their featured track ‘Neon’ the boys have had a further increase in their popularity since their Hope n’ Anchor live show and previously released album ‘Eastern Flow’and single ‘Hammerhead’  With each member performing exceptionally well, ‘Desert Ships’ provide us with a much-needed dose of neo-psychedelic space rock reminding us that when we need a trip to space all we have to do is board the ship…


Felicity Giles 


Image: Desert Ships ‘Fire On The Moon’ official single cover

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