Friday, December 10, 2021

MMIV’s debut embodies teenage angst as their drugs run out

The latest single from MMIV, ‘The Drugs Are Running Out’, sees the trio create a compelling listen that evidently draws inspiration from fellow indie stars such as JAWS. The Leeds-based solo project is the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist of Max Rawdon.

With a commanding bass intro, and a tantalising drum accompaniment, the track hooks the listener from the get go. Perhaps very similar to the recognisable rumble of a particular Stone Roses intro, the band unmistakably boast their heavy influences.

Despite their jagged edge style, their lyrics provide the perfect juxtaposition of a much softer side: “I thought that it was sad that I couldn’t stick around / or take you with me”.

As far as teenage troubles go, MMIV capture the essence perfectly, and provide the soundtrack that may just very well be missing for many.

This is also true of the prevalent teenage angst which builds on their rougher edges further. By placing the listener straight into the mix of the story, Rawdon seamlessly transitions from each verse to the next with his captivating storytelling: “because your friends are hung to dry / and the drugs / the drugs are running out”.

In true indie style, MMIV ensure that their debut ticks every box. With a strong, enthralling composition throughout, this is a must-listen for all the shoe-gazers and music enthusiasts alike.


Lauren Whitehead

@laurenwhtehead / @laurenwhiteheadjourno

Image: ‘The Drugs Are Running Out’ Official Single Cover

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