Friday, December 10, 2021

End Of Proof Unveils A Powerful, Poignant, And Provocative Single ‘Sad Kids Having Fun’

Jon Nilsson is the Norwegian singer-songwriter and solo artist behind the End Of Proof indie music project. His latest single ‘Sad Kids Having Fun’ serves as a powerful and poignant reminder of the struggles that have occurred in recent times, especially for his own generation. 

The track pushes a narrative concerned with heartbreak, adversity, and reveals how those affected must keep going, despite an arduous and gruelling journey ahead that nobody could have foreseen.  

The texture begins with a light guitar melody, leading into an abrupt dynamic shift where all instruments enter in unison for a brief interlude before the first verse. The opening line ‘’This is the twilight of my youth / Did All Your Dreams Come True?’’ adds a more caustic and bitter tone to the music.  

Despite being a tale of heartbreak, it offers soul-destroying insight into what it feels like to be ignored and undermined at a time where everything counts with regards to a career and social life. There are certain sections of the song, including a middle-eight, which contains doubling of the vocals in the mix; helping to create an elegant two-part harmony in addition to more ambience as opposed to sticking with a single vocal line and/or instrument.  

The song is sure to be popular and have resonance with anybody who can relate to the daily struggle imposed because of the ongoing pandemic. It is comforting, in some ways, to see artists and the public share experiences that the vast majority can relate to. 

With the Nordic artist firmly establishing himself on the international stage, there is bound to be a great deal of anticipation for the release of his upcoming material over the course of the New Year and beyond. 

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Sad Kids Having Fun' Official Single Cover

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