Saturday, December 11, 2021

Jimmy Knows – The Greek Indie Band With A Point Of Difference

When thinking of Greece, the first thing that springs to mind may well be its excellent food or the vast wealth of history and culture that have been born from its golden sanded shores. Indie bands, however, are probably far from your mind. Jimmy Knows, a duo based out of Athens, are here to change that mistaken perception.  

Known for their melancholic lyrics and easy-listening style, latest release ‘Sweat’ finds the band carry on that trend in what is an excellent example of chilled, psychedelic rock. 


'Sweat' is a love song in essence but relies heavily on the hard times of any relationship and the desire to feel constantly wanted by your partner. “I want you to tell me there is no one else” wistfully communicates the singer as the minimal sound and spoken lyrics only enhance the feeling of pain felt by the protagonist in the band’s latest release. 


Jazz-infused guitars and distorted lyrics commence as the steady drums give the song some welcome tempo. It’s a sound reminiscent of Canadian based singer-songwriter Mac DeMarco, yet with its own endearing nature brought on by the rough-around-the-edges production style. 


A wailing guitar solo adds an interesting dimension to the song as the track morphs into something akin to the early works of The Strokes, whilst the introduction of some keys and synthesizers shows the band exhibiting their superb musicianship. 


‘Sweat’ finds Jimmy Knows dipping into aspects of indie music from the past two decades and pulling out its often best and most riveting aspects - the sound of the song and the band beyond it truly are unique. Maybe it’s their life away from indie music hotspots that has allowed them to develop such an intriguing sound, or maybe it’s the backdrop of one of the world’s most inspiring cities, either way, Jimmy Knows certainly know what they’re doing. 


James Ogden 

Image: ‘Sweat’ Official Single Cover 


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