Tuesday, December 14, 2021

‘Lucifer’s Christmas’ Is An Instant Holiday Classic

Dale is an independent folk pop singer/songwriter based in Yorkhill. Brand new in the music scene, he released a self titled EP back in August.

Dale is clearly a story teller, with books and music, which is evident with this new Christmas classic. ‘Lucifer’s Christmas’ is a satirical number about Lucifer longing for a Christmas celebration of his own.

He has released this as a charity single for this holiday season.

Dale explores this perspective with a melancholy organ and guitar sound and playful lyrics. The tune reminds us that this isn’t the most wonderful time of year for everyone. The singer stated in an interview with Glasgow Times the song was inspired from struggling with his mental health over the holidays during the pandemic.

The song opens with dramatic organ and bells, progressing into a lively guitar progression to match Dale’s raw vocals. There is an immediate contrast with the happy music paired with sad lyrics; opening with “My name is Lucifer and Christmas is my least favourite time of year / Cause there’s no reindeer there’s no snow / There’s no kisses under mistletoe".

Although the track is brief it builds from guitar to soft strings and synth fillers. The consistent bells give it a Christmas feel but stay on the dark side as Dale belts “there’s no jingle bells in Hell '' and sings about his hopes for Christmas day. His raw and conversational voice gives the song an intimate feel. ‘Lucifer’s Christmas’ ends with happy Christmassy bells and drum beats. It’s the perfect addition to any holiday playlist!

Hope Orr


Image: Dale ‘Lucifer’s Christmas’ Official Single Cover

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