Tuesday, December 14, 2021

flora cash look back on life and ‘A Good Childhood’

flora cash, a Swedish/American duo band made up of Shpresa Lleshaj and Cole Randall have recently released their latest record, ‘A good childhood’, a poetic love letter to childhood daysIt is accompanied by a home-movie styled music video following a young boy through his adolescent years in the '90s. 

Within the first minute of the track, they dive into the idea of wanting to turn back the clock, having someone you love so much the frustration of not meeting them sooner overwhelms you. 

This is evident in lyrics like: “Wish I could do it all again, but meet you when I’m ten / Be so much better with my best friend.”

The acoustic guitar strumming along throughout brings a sense of innocence to the song which I think works well especially considering the basis of the lyrics. It’s a cheeky and upbeat affair, really holding on to the wholesome connotations of each verse. In addition, the vocal melodies between Shpresa and Cole as the song progresses, they add a charm which brings authenticity and personality.

On the whole, ‘A good childhood’ is a fun and relatable track for all listeners.


Anna Scrimgeour


Image:  flora cash ‘A good childhood’ Official Single Cover

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