Wednesday, December 15, 2021

half • alive’s new song musically discusses bittersweet passion and the desire that engulfs lovers

The band half • alive, consisting of members Josh Taylor, J Tyler Johnson, and Brett Kramer, have taken the globe by storm since forming in Long Beach, California.

Since 2016, the band have released studio albums, extended plays, singles, and music videos for their adoring fans, following their alternative vibe through every second of every song they write. 

Their new song ‘Hot Tea’ certainly does not disappoint. Its rhythmic introduction collaborates with painful romantic lyrics before transforming into lines of desperation and comfort in one person. The chorus “hold you in my hands like hot tea / knowing I’m safe cause you want / me” allows their listeners to imagine this vivid image and relate it to ideas surrounding desire and passion in any kind of relationship. The wonderful blend of the simile and definitive of this line creates a paradox for their listeners of the brilliance love has to offer and its warm feeling of security against the comparative elements of the emotion. 

The band never fails to produce engaging and enjoyable melodies that cooperate perfectly with their lyrics. As the song reaches its end, a listener will have heard a rolling drum beat, moments of acoustic and a cappella as well as a continued bass line throughout. ‘Hot Tea’ satisfies every listener, incorporating so many incredible elements of the alternative genre and instruments.

The overall feeling of the song’s perfectly crafted nature is unbelievable; after seven fabulous years, the trio continues producing music to the highest of standards, providing listeners with a space for reflection, relatability, and real excitement. 

Abby Price 


Image: ‘Hot Tea’ Official Single Cover


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