Sunday, December 12, 2021

Galantis team up with Years & Years to produce their sweetest new release

Sweet Talker’ sees Years & Years return following the release of ‘Starstruck’ in October. The iconic artist teams up with Galantis for the new track, to produce a groovy, synth-soaked hit.

 Whilst Years & Years has ultimately become a solo project since its formation in 2010, the single follows the news that the singer’s third album, ‘Night Call’, will be released January 7th.

The iconic frontman and soloist, Olly Alexander, delves further into his catchy and uplifting pop production with his latest batch of tracks, whilst also focusing on life’s many challenges.


The newest of which, ‘Sweet Talker’, deals with the notion of empty promises from a significant other when in a relationship, and the yearning to get what cannot be obtained: “You're such a sweet talker / You made me believe / Every lie was a beautiful sound”.


As melancholic as the narrative is, the upbeat melody of this collaborative floorfiller ensures it is fully deserving of a place on the latest Spotify playlists. The accompanying string accents alone are captivating enough to remind the listener of the talent that these two artists possess and execute to the highest of standards.


Alexander is yet to lose his modern influence as he continues to meteorically rise, and with the likes of Galantis also involved, the two have teamed up to reinforce their flair further.


Lauren Whitehead

@laurenwhtehead / @laurenwhiteheadjourno 

Image: ‘Sweet Talker’ Official Single Cover


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