Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Hunter Makes ‘ur bedroom’ Sound Like DIY Bliss

Hailing from Chicago, Hunter is a self-made producer, artist and songwriter with the world at his feet. Now, latest single ‘ur bedroom’ finds the American native questioning the very essence of the relationship he finds himself in. 

Hypnotic, shoegaze inspired guitars commence the track, whilst the Lo-Fi production allows the lyrics of confusion provided by Hunter to hit home. “It comes in waves I don’t understand” bemoans the singer, as the ever-creeping reality of his circumstances act as a perfect foil to the sparse sounding opening of the song. 

In an interview with Lefuturewave, Hunter stated “When I first started working on this song, I had a lot of complicated feelings after one of my best friendships inadvertently became more romantic. I wasn’t really feeling it; the only thing I could think of was how nothing would really be the same anymore and I think we kinda scared each other off. 

Heavily distorted female vocals add a point of difference in what could be described as the chorus, but the real essence of the track comes from its head-nodding, repetitive rhythm. 

‘Ur bedroom’ culminates in a crescendo of distorted guitar solos and pounding drums. It’s a real standout moment on what is an exceptional offering from the artist, as the heaviness of the situation comes crashing through the speakers at the climax of the three-minute number. 

Whilst the subject of the song may be a well-told tale, the song uses very modern DIY techniques to portray what feels like a very 21st century tale of doomed relationships. 

With definite inspiration from the likes of The 1975, the production is clearly at the forefront of Hunter's mind, and that is what makes ‘ur bedroom’ so special. 

James Ogden 

Image: ‘ur bedroom’ Official Single Cover

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