Wednesday, December 01, 2021

Fatherson Return With Their Latest Single ‘Normal People’

Fatherson, the alternative Glaswegian trio have been busy lately recording an EP comprised of a couple of new singles in addition to preparing for the release of their new upcoming album titled ‘Normal Fears’.

 It is set to follow hot on the heels of their latest offerings ‘Normal People’ and ‘End Of The World’ which have just recently been released. 

The announcement of their new singles and soon to be released album arrives just before the band embarks on the tour of the UK and Europe which is due to commence after the New Year.  

The two-track EP begins abruptly with the aptly named ‘Normal People’. The lyrics ‘’Don’t watch the news / The same old brand new’’ reveals a situation not too dissimilar to Groundhog Day in the sense that it is the same news, same people, just a different day. The lyrics are backed by a driving drumbeat to push the pulse of the song in the interludes.  

‘End Of The World’ is the following and final track on the EP. It is slightly more ambient in the sense that the tune does not contain a heavy rhythm from a dynamic perspective to push the tempo as in the first song nor does it contain much treble or distorted electric guitar which is commonly associated with rock. ‘’If this is redemption, How does this feel? / It’s like the end of the world’’ encourages the audience to lean towards a pensive and reflective tone.    

The trio’s latest songs are sure to be received with appraisal by both their local and international following as they unveil the latest material on their upcoming tour of the UK and Europe. The tour includes trips to Germany and the Netherlands in the coming spring so standby for upcoming gigs and release dates by following their Facebook page or checking out their website.  

Antony Bailey 


 Image: 'Normal People' Official Single Cover

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