Thursday, December 02, 2021

Take a Drive with ZuZu Across the ‘Queensway Tunnel’ to Self-Transformation

Liverpool’s new sweetheart, ZuZu, has dropped her first album ‘Queensway Tunnel’. On the singer's Instagram, ZuZu stated the record discusses “Themes of change, addiction, sci-fi, escapism, identity, community and the protection of mental health”. She belts out anthems dealing with trials of being in your twenties through heart-on-sleeve style lyrics, euphoric harmonies and vivid guitar riffs. 

‘Queensway Tunnel’ is your classical millennial indie-pop record, with sounds that make you see pink everywhere but with intimate, raw, heart-bursting lyrics and strong guitar beats. A range of collaborators from Corben Lamb, Kurran Karbal, Kieran Shudall of Circa Waves and Simon Tong of The Verve and Gorillaz feature on the album, making it a perfect mix of the new sounds of Liverpool and the nostalgia of 90s’ Brit-pop. 

Lead single and first track, ‘Timing’ truly displays the evolution of her sound. A dreamy start paired with a thick accent, booming guitar strums and a pure pop sound. The song talks of a relationship of the all too familiar “right person, wrong time” and needing to get away to feel the sunshine on yourself. The tune lyrically flows into ‘Lie To Myself’, which is about emerging from self-deprivation, snapping out of denial and cutting off toxic relationships. It’s a more upbeat tune about feeling yourself become stronger and wiser after the pain. 

This unafraid and transparent journey continues into ‘My Old Life’. A soft, sad tune about accepting the pain of letting go and using it as fuel to move forward. Geographically letting the Mersey, the river under the Queensway Tunnel, wash it away. The title track was written at a time of hopelessness about “constantly being promised the world only to be let down every time”. This is a deeply personal record full of stories of true transformation. 

Each track so easily flows into the next, both lyrically and in sound, showing the experimental storytelling talents of Zuzu. Bringing you along on an emotional rollercoaster, you’ll sing, dance, laugh and cry, especially if you’re experiencing a time full of change. The album allows you to realise that the people around you may be bringing you down, finally letting yourself not be deprived, setting boundaries, being yourself and accepting it. 

Now, while we’re mainly reflecting on changing our lives with lots of sad songs, the pop tunes continue to shine. ‘The Van Is Evil’ is a snarky groove with an almost satirical meaning behind it. ZuZu stated she wrote the song about how everyone is contributing to killing the planet, knows it and yet still does it, such as using a van to tour around the country. 

While another heartbreak song, ‘Never Again’ is a more pop style petty heartbreak song with a dark bite to it. ‘Where’d You Go’ is a pop-rock jam with strong vocals and powerhouse guitar riffs. It serves a lyrical style similar to her older hits that brings you soaring in a fantasy land. You won’t soar for long though because ZuZu is going to bring you right back down with ‘Toaster’ - a melancholy track about getting older and existential dread to have you crying on the floor. 

Hope Orr 


Image: ‘Queensway Tunnel’ Official Album Cover 

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