Thursday, December 16, 2021

Hazel Meditate on Fresh Starts on 'Start Over'

Founded by Trev Heaton as a solo project in 2018 at his studio Gunfactory, Hazel has released two tracks prior to 'Start Over' and have been building a presence online since. Their most recent single 'Start Over', sees Hazel take a more atmospheric and wistful approach to song structure. 

Musically 'Start Over' is a spacey acoustic ballad about trekking out into the unknown, or more specifically the all consuming desire to start a relationship anew.

Kicking off with a notable pinging synth over a buzzing organ 'Start Over' immediately engraties the listener into it's free floating atmosphere before the first lyrics come in, "It's the silent sound of you / Still we've got it all to" operating as an abstract metaphor for an unresolved situation that demands attending. The second verse, "Climbing up the walls, with you / How'd you get so tall" serves to finalise the earlier verse's sentiment, showing the narrator both attempting to attend to the aforementioned situation and commenting on the scale of doing so.

 The chorus straightforwardly reinforces the theme with the lines "Need to start Over / need to be over now". The staple pieces of this track are the dotted whirring lead synth tone and jangly guitar chords that anchor the instrumentals while the string like synth and smooth bass groove dance around them. Stylistically it evokes that kind of experimental operatic rock of the '60s and '70s pioneered by acts like Pink Floyd and  David Bowie on their first couple of records.

While the lyrical content on the track is relatively scant given its four minute run time, Heaton takes great care to make sure each line is thematically consistent and is delivered in a laid back yet emotional manner.

All together 'Start Over' is a gorgeously simple track to put on and get lost in. An expedition into new beginnings be they of the interpersonal or extrapersonal variety. 

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Start Over' Official Single Cover

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