Thursday, December 16, 2021

Blonde Diamond Gives Courage In New Single ‘Red Flags’

Vancouver-based band Blonde Diamond released their newest track ‘Red Flags’ to herald the beginning of a new era. An interesting mix of genres, ‘Red Flags’ has everything a listener could want: soft indie sounds, a rock melody and dulcet vocals that are reminiscent of the early ‘00s. Their sound is individual and is self-described as “what the 60s thought the future would sound like” (Blonde Diamond Official Website).

After a step back from their rocket-like trajectory, they have come back with a bang. The band seems to have an even better grasp on their sound. They still bring slinky synths and intimate vocals to the table, with lead singer Alexis Young’s personality and prowess serving as a cornerstone. However there is something more self-assured in ‘Red Flags’.

A quintessentially upbeat-sounding song takes on a different flavour when one takes a look at the lyrics. The clearly cathartic track, gives insight into a toxic relationship and the songwriter’s emancipation from it. It urges the listener to take back control of their life - to leave what keeps them in chains. A special mention should go to the second verse in particular which sports some catchy and masterful writing.

All of the instrumental accompaniment enhances this commendable message. The softer opening eases one into the song and offers a great juxtaposition to the fuller sounding pre-chorus and chorus. This development makes this song sound like a power anthem - the bridge is especially impactful, taking on an almost Wolf Alice tone at times with layered harmonies that soar behind the dulcet tones of the main melody.

What begins as a soft, pleasant sound gives way to something much darker and more dangerous. Their music speaks on several levels and for that they should be lauded; it is not easily done.

Red Flags’ will give listeners the courage to leave that which does not serve them.


Chloe Boehm


Image: ‘Red Flags’ Official Single Cover

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