Thursday, December 16, 2021

Did You Die has us feeling ‘Weightless’ in latest single

Alternative rock band, Did You Die have recently released ‘Weightless’, which is the lead single from their sophomore album, ‘Thirteen Moons’ to be released  01/01/2022. 

The Vancouver, BC-based band wrote the track during the pandemic, a time where the band’s Richie Felix Alexander and Madison Penland were made homeless.

The group is tied together by bassist and vocalist, Jula Lafit, and drummer, Tom Rapanakis.

Weightless’ is a guitar-ridden shoegaze of grunge and dream pop sounds, and is a perfect blend of alternative and indie rock. The single opens like a typical feel-good indie song, with a heavy drumbeat and electrifying riffs. The vocals are reminiscent of ‘90s pop, Jula’s melodic and lilting sound will have the listener utterly transfixed and will draw them deep into the track. The vocals are just as strong as the instrumentation which is what makes the track so impressive.

Did You Die created a music video to accompany the track, the video features the protagonist in daylight walking along the streets and a complete contrast to this with a dance in a highly psychedelic setting. 

With a lead single as powerful as this one, many can only eagerly anticipate the release of ‘Thirteen Moons’.

Rosie Morrison 


Image: ‘Did You Die’ Official Single Cover

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