Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Daisy Harris delivers a scathing performance on ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’

2021 has been a busy year for Daisy Harris. The 20-year-old Scotland native has been steadily releasing new music since the start of the pandemic, and has put out two EPs and 7 singles this year alone. 

It only feels fitting that she is closing out 2021 with the release of one of her loudest, most infectious songs.

Harris’ latest release, ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’, is a strong departure from her signature toned-down, acoustic style.

 The track delves into the world of indie rock, marking a potential shift to a much harder sound than listeners have come to expect from her. The track is heavy with punchy, overdriven guitars and hard drum interjections. 

Harris’ voice is front and center with solo vocals, accentuated in the track’s blasting chorus by sharp drum and guitar hits. Listeners who are used to her light, mellow sound on tracks such as ‘Your Eyes’ and ‘I Called Joy’ may be initially surprised by the heaviness of ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’. However, Harris’ voice is versatile enough to span genres, easily lending itself well to both her staple acoustic indie-pop as well as a more rock-influenced sound. 

The track is a raw, brutally honest callout of an ex who takes advantage of Harris’ willingness to fall in love. Harris describes how she has given her heart to someone who is consistent and barely puts in the effort. She draws attention to their inconsistency, pointing out, “Stop pretending you care / Making me cry, then you want me back again / You only call when you’re half gone”. She reflects on the way she cares too deeply, getting candid with lyrics such as, “I guess that I give too much to you / The way that I'm made I like to lose myself in someone else”. 

This universally relatable feeling of caring too much and getting used as a result explodes into anger in the chorus as she proclaims, “You only call me when you’re bored / Your number is blocked but I like it when you cry, God knows why.” The chorus is loud and cathartic, giving way to the frustration that builds up as a result of being in a one-sided relationship.

Harris, who has been writing and performing music since she was 14, credits her parents with introducing her to the wide variety of musical influences she draws from (via Spotify). Her ability to smoothly hop between genres while maintaining her signature voice and candid tone proves that those influences have shaped her into a skilled musician who will be one to watch as her momentum grows.


Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: ‘Baby You’re Bad Luck’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)


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