Monday, December 20, 2021

George Ezra brings his signature sunny sound to the festive season with ‘Come On Home For Christmas’

George Ezra hasn’t released music for three years since his sophomore album ‘Staying at Tamara’s’ received critical acclaim in 2018.

But with several live shows lined up for 2022, including a set at next year’s Boardmasters, it’s safe to assume that plenty of new music could be on the way.

This new era is being kicked off in style with an original Christmas track, ‘Come On Home For Christmas’, which was released alongside a suitably merry music video last week.

As its title suggests, ‘Come On Home For Christmas’ seamlessly merges an upbeat, cheery warmth with a Christmassy sense of homely longing. While the lyrics express the wistful hope for a loved one to come home, the mix of instruments, from acoustic guitar and strings to classic jingle bells, keep the tone joyful. Ezra’s trademark croon lends itself well to the festive sentiment, with enough distinctiveness to save it from being too saccharine or clichéd.

The lyrics aren’t all melancholy, though. At the track’s bridge, Ezra conjures up tender imagery, recalling “how cute you looked by the mistletoe / you wrapped up by the fire in my winter clothes”. Besides being an instant earworm, ‘Come On Home For Christmas’ will resonate with those who missed spending Christmas with their loved ones last year. It’s a hopeful song that celebrates memories of holiday seasons past and keeps its fingers crossed for togetherness in future years.

Ezra’s first release since his three-year hiatus shows that he hasn’t lost his touch. ‘Come On Home For Christmas’ definitely reaches the top shelf of recently-released Christmas music. And, while it might fly under the radar as an Amazon Original track that won’t be released on Spotify or Apple Music, it’s well worth seeking out. Hopefully, we’ll be hearing lots more from George Ezra in the near future. Meanwhile, give ‘Come On Home For Christmas’ a listen – it’s guaranteed to bring a smile to your face!

Eleanor Burleigh


Image: ‘Come On Home For Christmas’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)

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