Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Beauty Sleep brings a fresh sound to the indie-pop scene with new single, ‘Go’

Belfast-based indie-pop band Beauty Sleep are making waves with their latest single ‘Go’

Beauty Sleep is the brainchild of Cheylene Murphy and Ryan McGroarty; the self-proclaimed "Irish King and Queen of Indie-Pop" who are joined by friends Aimee Williamson and Ross Bickerstaff

The upbeat, psychedelic track picks up right where their 2019 debut album ‘Be Kind’ left off, jumping straight back into the duo’s signature dreamy yet edgy sound.

‘Go’ tackles the feeling of being unable to stay away from a relationship despite one’s best efforts. Murphy and McGroarty perfectly capture the dizzying, electrifying excitement of being constantly drawn back to a particular someone with lyrics such as: “Feels a little dangerous, you pull me in and spit me out / I’m in so deep but I’m good for it”. The chorus sees them resigned to the fact that they can’t change how they feel, reiterated by the line, “I can’t let go.” 


The magic of Beauty Sleep’s music lies in their ability to blend the airiness of dreamy synths with the heavy edge of the guitar. These two elements combined play off each other perfectly to create a signature sound that is both grounded and fun. ‘Go’ is no exception; featuring a quirky synth hook paired with a gritty guitar and heavy beat. McGroarty and Murphy credit songs such as ‘The Waiting Room’ by Fugazi and ‘Gasoline’ by Haim as inspiration for the track, and these various rock and pop influences can be clearly heard in the band’s style.


After a brief hiatus from touring and releasing music during the pandemic, Beauty Sleep is now back on the scene, marking their return with a performance at SXSW Online 2021 and now the release of ‘Go’. Their momentum is sure to grow, and ‘Go’ points to bright things on the horizon.


Bella DeSouza-Cook


Image: ‘Go’ Official Single Cover (PRESS)



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