Wednesday, December 08, 2021

Jamie Webster creates a sound listeners cherish with new single ‘North End Kid’

Debuting last October, Jamie Webster has continuously created music that his listeners greatly enjoy every second of. Described by The Guardian as “the semi-official musician for Liverpool FC”, it is obvious just how successful Webster is, and how much pure joy he brings to people through his music and lyrics in every release. 

Having to postpone his Glastonbury performance twice due to the COVID-19 pandemic, listeners cannot wait for Webster to get back to performing to large crowds in a safe environment very soon. 

His new song ‘North End Kid’ begins with an acoustic sound as the guitar is carefully strummed, complementing the folk genre he follows. This allows a feeling of anticipation to build for his listeners, before beginning his lyrics with “Tommy’s from the city/ He lives in a North End terraced house” in symbolically using ideas of humble beginnings to achieve big dreams of “sing(ing), danc(ing) and act(ing) on those Broadway shows”. Webster describes these aims wonderfully, allowing his listeners to associate it with having these dreams at the end of a rainbow, reaching for the stars to achieve desire’s in life. It is evident that his songs’ central ideas never disappoint; the creativity of this artist seeps into every lyric and chord of each song.

Incorporating whistling into this song not only sets it apart from other musicians, but it adds a personal layer, leaving listeners to feel closer to Webster; they enjoy his music even more. Almost halfway through the song, the melody picks up and the pace increases, leaving listeners an opportunity to marvel in his song writing and relish in the music further. Using instrumentals before layering different instruments and his own vocals causes the song to adopt a feeling of comfort, as though his music is a barrier to negativity and feelings of despondency.

Listeners anticipate live shows and hearing more from this incredibly talented artist.


Abby Price 


Image: ‘North End Kid’ Official Single Cover

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