Thursday, December 09, 2021

’mememe’ Shows The Latest In Glitched-Out Genius From The Internet’s Favourite Hyperpop Duo, 100 Gecs

There is very little to say about 100 Gecs that hasn’t already been said. The hyper-pop juggernaut duo, comprised of Dylan Brady and Laura Les, have made music for over half a decade following an initial meeting at a Kansas rodeo. 

It wasn’t until the release of their debut album ‘1000 Gecs’ in 2019 that the duo saw mainstream success. Their music is deeply hypertextual - alluding to histories of industrial, emo, nu-metal, bubblegum pop, jungle, trap, and dubstep. Their proximity to A.G. Cook's collective PC Music has led to collaborations with Charli XCX, Kero Kero Bonito, Rico Nasty, Black Dresses, Injury Reserve, and even Fall Out Boy.

Their latest release, ‘mememe’ will please both first-time listeners and Gecheads alike. ‘Mememe’ sounds like being in an arcade— synthesised beeps, crunchy and distorted guitars that fall somewhere in between 2000s pop punk and industrial noise, and the sort of in-your-face, near-satiric lyrics for which the duo is known. Both Brady and Les take a verse on the song and the track’s highlight is, without a doubt, Les’s voice presented with far less modulation than anything else 100 Gecs has released to date. 

 And though a certain level of humour is ever-present in the Gec Oeuvre, ‘mememe’ also holds a thoughtful pathos behind its video game aesthetics. ‘mememe’ is a breakup song, it is a narrative about lost identity hidden between a subterfuge of synths. 

In its final verse, Les waxes "I guess it’s such an easy game / if I put you right to sleep / rationality could change / all in the car I was asleep / Could you explain it all away? / Like it was all so clean / So content with all the weight on my back, I forget / And I guess I never knew, but I don't think I'll pretend it's cool / And I guess I'll never know." Her emotional vulnerability is matched with her vocals and by leaning into the extreme production that 100 Gecs is known for, these flashes of honesty feel all the more powerful. 

The duo’s sophomore album, '10000 Gecs’ is slated to be released in early 2022. 

Charlie Alexandra


Image: ‘mememe’ Official Single Cover

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