Sunday, November 28, 2021

The Ramona Flowers team up with Nile Rodgers on bright new single ‘Up All Night’

Following a recently sold-out London Show The Ramona Flowers release new single ‘Up All Night.’ 

Hailing from Bristol, The Ramona Flowers have made a name for themselves with their electro/indie sound and ‘Up All Night’ encompasses exactly that. It’s a fun, funky release, and with the aid of Chic’s Nile Rodgers' guitar sound, it is going to be good.

Bright synth sounds and colourful pop influences are what make up this song, all backed by downtrodden percussion.

Another thing that really makes this track stand out is Steve Bird’s excellent vocals on this one. His swooning croons switch to high-pitched choruses in an instant and really show all the talent he possesses from behind the mic. Once paired with extremely talented and undeniably cool Nile Rodgers it’s clear to see that these guys are playing in an entirely new ballpark and show that they deserve their place in the big leagues.

A great song deserves a cool video and The Ramona Flowers have delivered with ‘Up All Night’s’ accompanying music videos. It features the band members each getting behind the wheel of a GT40 and taking on the role of a professional race car driver. 

‘Up All Night’ is a very promising song from The Ramona Flowers and the 3 years spent waiting for it was well worth it. 



Louis Suffill


Image: ‘Up All Night’ Official Single Cover


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