Sunday, November 28, 2021

Them Velvet Tongues release addictive debut single ‘I am the drug’

A debut single can be a real point of contention for any band, after all, introducing your music to the world can be a daunting and nervy affair. Them Velvet Tongues don’t seem to have this issue however, as ‘I am the drug’ is a high paced, confident and polished rock hit. New in the scene, Them Velvet Tongues describe themselves on their social media channels as “A fresh dose of rock and roll”, and after listening to this single it is hard to disagree.  

Wasting no time with the intro, wailing guitars paired with heavy drums are shoved in the forefront from the get-go, before the punk inspired lyrics kick in.


Best exemplified by the lyrics in the politically charged chorus “gotta win some hearts and minds / you know I’ll be stealing them all”, this song can be interpreted as a commentary on how the higher powers use religion and political propaganda to control the masses.


Sonically, this is a high intensity rock tune with a hint of Oasis in its chord structure and melodic themes. The guitars are loud and complement each other well when switching between rhythm and lead, especially when the face-melting solo kicks in. The drums keep a snappy, steady pace to this fast-paced cut, with some well worked vocal harmonies adding some dynamism to the mix.


 ‘I am the drug’ is catchy, cleverly written and well recorded to boot. Them Velvet Tongues is a band who seem to have some real swagger about them, and if their debut single is anything to go by, they seem to deserve it.


Dan Jones



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