Monday, November 29, 2021

Sandra’s Wedding Release Their Latest EP 'Pleasure Grounds'

According to their Facebook page, the Goole-based Rock band Sandra’s Wedding have been compared to legendary bands such as The Smiths and The Housemartins in recent years. The northern trio have returned with their latest EP called ‘Pleasure Grounds’ consisting of eight brand-new original tracks that are set to have a resounding impact on its audience. 

The guitar riff on the first song titled ‘When I Stall’ is particularly reminiscent of Manchester’s heyday in the ‘80s and ‘90s and this tone persists for the duration of the record. ‘Should’ve Got A Trade’ is the shortest, fieriest, and most lyrically compelling track on the EP. The tune contains a disco inspired drumbeat whilst the frontman sings about encountering financial woe of earning little money and how it could have been different had he got a trade.  

‘Lovin’ Life’ contains a driving drumbeat which pushes the pulse of the song and helps to boost the dynamic shift in the middle-eight before accommodating for the guitar solo. ‘‘Will you be there? / Don’t play the square / I’m a sucker for love’’ are the recurring lyrics in the chorus of the following tune on the EP titled ‘Love Everyone’ 

‘Pleasure Grounds’ is the most cheerful song on the EP. It leaves the listener feeling like they are in a daydream and goes a long way towards offering a renewed sense of hope and belief with lyrics along the lines of ‘’Let the light shine on / Living on the sunny side’’ 

The next track on the record, ‘Waiting’ begins with an acoustic guitar and light cross-stick pattern on the kit before a huge dynamic shift into the chorus alters the trajectory of the music. It appears the meaning behind the song is linked to longing for the return of a lover - hence the refrain, ‘I’m Waiting’ which is repeated throughout the chorus.  

‘Council Pop’ creates quite a misty and sobering atmosphere which helps to turn up the tension a tad as the lyrics ‘’I’m from the council’’ is repeated in the outro and in truth serves as an eye opener to what life is really like for a lot of people, especially in the north of the UK.  

‘Devil On My Stuntpegs’ is the final track on the EP and is the most diverse track from a musical perspective. It is stripped back much more than the previous tracks as it is mostly an acoustic piece with a light rhythmic embellishment from the drums and short motifs from the trumpet towards the crescendo of the song.    

The EP has already received positive feedback from the band’s online followers, and it is certainly worth recommending and downloading. It is great to hear a band, that at times is evocative of a defining era that saw cities such as Manchester gain exposure and become famous for its thriving music scene and array of musical talent.  

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'Pleasure Grounds' Official EP Cover

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