Tuesday, November 30, 2021

The Lumineers take their signature sound to new heights on ‘A.M. RADIO’

After a two-year break, folksy indie-rockers The Lumineers are gearing up for the release of their fourth album, ‘BRIGHTSIDE’, which is due out in January. 

The Colorado natives have already debuted two new tracks from the upcoming project, and ‘A.M. RADIO’ continues the trend of its predecessors. As suggested by the bright orange of the single’s artwork, this collection of tunes is a vibrant, warm, and meditative offering.

‘A.M. RADIO’ kicks off with a light guitar intro, complemented by the husky vocals of lead singer Wesley Schultz and a piano accompaniment. This mellowness treads familiar ground for the band and is a central part of their enduring appeal.

The instrumentals amp up, however, as the song approaches its up-tempo chorus, which at once stays true to The Lumineers’s established sound and is also bigger and more triumphant than some of their past work. Schultz’s delivery of the song’s apex lines, “Long as you run / I couldn’t give you up”, embodies this, with its slow, measured pacing but equally as evident invigorated energy.

Vivid lyrical snapshots are painted alongside this anthemic sound, and the track particularly swells with emotion in energized lines such as “I remember waking up the neighbour like a stadium”.

The exuberant backing instrumentals fade out as ‘A.M. RADIO’ winds down, with the refraining chorus moving out of hearing range as if gradually fading. It’s a taste of where the Grammy-nominated band are heading – taking their signature folksy rock fusion and imbuing it with even more joy and luminosity.

The Lumineers are heading out on tour across Europe next spring – you can grab your tickets at the link below! You can also listen to ‘BRIGHTSIDE’ the album on all streaming services from the 14th of January.





Eleanor Burleigh 


Image: ‘A.M. RADIO’ Official Single Cover



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