Monday, November 29, 2021

Blue Violet continue their musical journey with a unique, blessed and incredible sound

Husband and wife Sarah and Sam Gotley have created, yet again, a soundscape that blesses their listener’s ears. Sarah’s half-Scottish, half-French background is wonderfully unique, and their ‘highschool sweethearts’ association gives them an extra ounce of perfection.

Forming Blue Violet more than six years after they met, both Sarah and Sam saw talents in each other to be admired, and have henceforth brought joy to so many listeners around the world.

Previously releasing multiple singles, including ‘Undercover’ and ‘White Beaches’ in both English and French. The band’s previous success is indisputable, thus the anticipation for their new single ‘Asylum’ was enormous and left no-one disappointed. Their melodic style is one to be admired, and creates a sound that leaves everyone in awe. Their new song provides an idealistic love connection within a world of insanity 

The new song immediately comes in with an almost hypnotic melody and lyrics from Sarah until, shortly afterwards, the musical beat builds with the drums and guitar increasing in volume. The rhythm begins to set in further whilst Sam takes over the vocals for the line “I could look all night/There’s something in your eyes'. The song's lyrics describe being put into an asylum “On a Winter’s day”, perhaps symbolically referencing issues such as isolation and enclosure dependent upon mental health issues and the love that seems to connect the world together; it’s a message of wonder and high esteem in society. Whatever they may mean, fans across the globe understandably want this to continue and for the band to release music more and more often as they grow even further in the music industry. 

This band’s success has surely just begun, and their songs shall keep increasing in popularity, interest and ascendancy. It is exciting to see Blue Violet’s musical journey, enjoying every second, beat and lyric they so wonderfully create.

Abby Price


Image: Blue Violet ‘Asylum’ Official Single Cover

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