Friday, November 26, 2021

Surfs UP! Weekend Punks releases their self-titled EP

Indie rockers Weekend Punks have brought to life a highly imaginative, reminiscent of the ‘90s three-track EP that blurs the lines between indie rock and surf pop for a refreshing listening experience.

The self-titled EP was written and recorded between Southampton and Iceland and considering Weekend Punks get relatively little experience of the sun they have perfectly encapsulated the sunshine and summertime by blending together smooth vocals, reverb-heavy guitars and distortion.

The opener ‘The Theme From Weekend Punks’ perfectly sets the mood for the entire EP. Weekend Punks create an energetic landscape with catchy guitar solos and riffs with heavy, upbeat drums all blended together with high reverberation levels. Then with highly melodic vocals, they are able to mimic and almost ignite the feeling of riding a wave making this track immersive and giving it a refreshing listening experience.

'Backseat Driver' is nothing short of nostalgic and brings about a longing for places never visited and memories that haven't been living. An anthem for the summer, the perfect track for a road trip and the EP's stand-out track. ’Backseat Driver,’ is a coming of age track that combines dreamful and soft vocals that complement the fuzzed-out guitars that overtone and dominate the entire song, creating a high level of contrast to give 'Backseat Driver' texture and uniqueness making the listener want more.

‘Stay’ is a lot slower than the previous tracks taking a more sombre approach that pulls at the heartstrings of the listener. Taking more of an indie rock approach with the use of sensitive, melancholic lyrics, light-toned guitars and heavy drum beats but add the same level of reverb and distortion to create an immersive and excellent closing track to the entire EP.

Weekend Punks have delivered a different surf-pop experience that is perfect for listening to at home or on the beach. Nostalgic and ethereal with distinctive transitions and instrumentals, ‘Weekend Punks’ is a vibrant, highly-innovative and personal EP that will challenge the senses and elicit strong emotions all while inducing a toe-tapping and head-bobbing experience that’s hard not to press repeat by the end of it.

Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Weekend Punks’ Official EP Cover

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