Friday, November 26, 2021

Bones In Butter Explore Relationship Anxiety on New Single Never Without You

The Serbian alt-pop and post punk supergroup Bones In Butter, helmed by one Milutin Krasevic, is composed of notable musicians from the Belgrade music scene. Luna Skopelja (vocals and samples), Todor Zivkovic (guitars), Dejan Skopelja (bass) Tom Fedja Franklin (drums) and Srdjan Popov (mixing) come together to deliver a beautiful poetic cautionary tale of overthinking in a relationship on their new single 'Never Without You'.

Stylistically, 'Never Without You' takes inspiration from acts such as Velvet Underground, Nick Cave and Lou Reed making for a wholly lucid enrapturing listen.

Opening with a distorted and phased out synth lead over dissonant, velvety vocal harmonies and chants, the track build a haunting and eerie soundscape before dropping in a grounding mid tempo waltz beat as the the lyrics "So many secrets you have shared with me my love" are crooned in a bold yet soft malaise. "I know my floating fears have put your patience to the test" are the lyrics that follow shortly after, as a fuzzy equally phased guitar begins to peek through the mix.

The lyrics continue in this straightforward manner as the narrator recounts all the ways their partner swooped into their life and made it better, "You handled all the dirty dishes like a pro and I just watched / Everytime I screwed up you saved the day and I just watched". This time around though each verse delivery takes turns trading places with the haunting vocal harmonies from the beginning. This all thematically amalgamates in the chorus, "I saw stars where you saw words. You make sense when everything else was blurred / Nothing and nowhere without you" coinciding with a huge ambient swelling into a subtle sting section and subsequent hazy guitar solo.

The track ends on a somber note, with the closing line "The only thing I can do is to keep my mouth shut and follow you / Nothing and Never without you" as the instrumentation dissipates until all that is left is that distinctive bone chilling ambience from the beginning.

'Never Without You' is relationship anxiety incarnate, both musically and lyrically. Simultaneously an exaltation of the best parts of loving someone and an exploration of the fear of them potentially leaving you. An amazing song and definitely worth checking out.

Kenneth Butcher


Image: 'Never Without You' Official Single Cover

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