Saturday, November 27, 2021

Tate McRae portrays the emotional burden of a break-up with her latest track, ‘Feel Like Shit’


'Feel Like Shit’ is the ultimate break-up belter, the raw emotion and solemn lyrics are catchy yet incredibly honest. 

Tate McRae has managed to capture the myriad of feelings that come with a rough separation, all within a few minutes. The start of the track is quite slow and mellow; however, it gradually grows as the intense soundscapes boil up. 

The release of ‘Feel Like Shit’ was accompanied by McRae’s most-choreographed music video, directed by Sam Sulam, in an attempt to reinforce the rawness and vulnerability of her lyrics.

 Throughout the music video, moving and dancing keep the couple connected, despite the contrasting lyrics, which depict a story of a couple splitting and going their separate ways—regardless of feeling that they do not want to let go of each other. However, as the video progresses, you soon realise that the couple appears to be pushing each other away, only to pull each other back. 

McRae showcases how ending a relationship tends to feel like the end of the world, especially with the hard-hitting lyrics, “Oh I won’t lie / I thought I might die”. The heart-tugging lyrics demonstrate the frustration of trying everything you can to get someone out of your head, but despite your best efforts, nothing works, “So I kissed somebody else / Just to see how it felt / But all that was going through my brain was your hands around my waist”. The turbulent, yet vulnerability of this line is so brave and is what makes Tate McRae such a talented songwriter writer, even in such an early stage of her music career.


Anna Scrimgeour


Image: Jenna Marsh

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