Saturday, November 20, 2021

LE JUNK returns with a new suave single: 'America'

The pop multi-instrumentalist Le Junk, originally from London, has been firmly establishing himself on the music scene this year as he returns with the release of another angst-filled single called ‘America’.

His latest offering arrives just over a month after the release of his previous track titled ‘Sticky Side’ which was greeted with approval by his growing fan base. The music itself is pop and funk inspired, with the addition of a deeply intense bass groove best described as sensual, smooth, and suave, yet the lyrics tell a whole other story. 

The lyrics ‘’Waking up in sweats every night / I know a guy who killed a guy’’ continue to push a narrative concerned with toxicity, dismay, and emotional turmoil often found from misplaced trust, reflecting the current trends of the present day. The electronica melodies on the synths creates a distinctive musical ambience that is simply unique in its own respect. The groove is enough of a reason to put this track on the playlist.   

The record, although it is eye-opening with regards to depicting the distorted image of a developed nation overwhelmed with political and civil unrest; is bound to be popular with a wide-ranging audience regardless. Lyrics aside, the music itself serves as a pleasant reminder to the older generation of a bygone glitzy funk and disco era whilst offering a distinct alternative to their offspring’s musical pallet as the past is truly revived.  

Multiple musical styles successfully lift the audience on to its feet but offers a little food for thought with the state of current affairs, denial, and excessive consumerism brought on by an ignorance is bliss mentality. Le Junk is sure to hit the ground running in the New Year as his solo music project has truly taken off over the course of this year.   

Antony Bailey 


Image: 'America' Official Single Cover

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