Sunday, November 21, 2021

Little Mix Bounce Back into our Hearts with Between Us (Deluxe Edition)

Little Mix have been shining in the girl-band lights ever since their X-Factor win back in 2011. 

Over those years they have released a number of hit tracks and collaborated with other talented artists from across the world. The deluxe version of their latest release, Between Us’ is an album to celebrate their 10th anniversary together. 

It includes some of their most popular releases to date, as well as five new songs from Jade, Leigh-Anne and Perrie; ‘No’, ‘Cut You Off’, ‘Trash’, ‘Between Us’ and ‘Love (Sweet Love)’. 

With songs such as ‘Wings’, ‘DNA’ and ‘Salute’, originally released back in 2012 and 2013, there is a huge sense of nostalgia upon listening. Life moves so quickly, and us with it; just like that, ten years have passed and these songs are but a memory of the first step they took towards where they are now. Listening to these tracks in the present has an entirely new feel, both musically and in how it stirs up emotions.  

Wings’ was the band’s first single to be released into the world, telling us that “wings are made to fly”. This is one of the first tracks they’d written together and hearing it on this album years later, shows just how far the group have come. They did more than just fly; they took a rocket up into the skies of success and it will remain in the stars for generations to come. 

Title track, ‘Between Us’, taps further into your heartstrings; a song dedicated to the journey they have taken to get where they are now. It proves that they aren’t just a girl-band, nor are they just talented individuals. They are family, like sisters and no matter what the future has in store for them, they’ll be there for one another. “When the curtains close and all of the lights go down / safe to say I’ll stay / I will always stick around”.  

This shows just how much they have built over the years, a friendship that will remain even after the music pauses. This track is also extra special because it references many of their old hits, “remember the day we finally found our wings? / It changed our lives / gave us the power to do anything.” This references ‘Wings’, ‘Change Your Life’ and ‘Power’. 

The other new additions on this album bring forth what Little Mix have always stood for, which is hope, power and inspiration. ‘No’, ‘Trash’ and ‘Cut You Off’ really grasp just how much they have grown, reminding us that our own morals and opinions matter. It’s okay to say no to things and let go of people that aren’t part of your journey anymore. Then ‘Love (Sweet Love)’ tells you that it’s okay to be selfish and take time out for you. Treat yourself, get to know yourself and love who you are. “I been spendin’ my time on everybody else / it’s time I did it for me.” A note to listeners, that it’s important to take time out for yourself because you deserve the time that you give to everybody else. 

This year has been a huge one for the group. It is full of new beginnings and hope for the future. Let’s not forget that Perrie and Leigh-Anne both became mothers this year and still starred in not one, but five music videos whilst pregnant. This entire body of work isn’t one particular genre or sound, it is quite simply Little Mix in all of their glory. It’s safe to say that these girls are hard workers who deserve to mark this occasion with an album as good as this one. 



Edana Graham


Image: Little Mix Official Album Cover (Press Party UK)



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