Friday, November 19, 2021

‘Close That Door’ and do as ‘Bubba Does’ - Snakedoctors are back with ‘Mellow Joy’

Considering that Snakedoctors only started recording together back in May 2020, their music catalogue continues to grow with the release of their third album, ’Mellow Joy.’

Snakedoctors are a rock band from Gdansk, Poland and consist of four friends - vocalist and guitarist Wojciech Wypch, bassists Jacek Karanat and Jaroslaw Szybowski and the keyboard and drummer Robert Porazk.


Describing their music on Spotify as “back to simple rock and roll,” ‘Mellow Joy’ does just that.

Opening the album with ‘Close That Door,’ the track takes on a colder, eerie edge, mixing a subtle folk with a hint of a gothic vibe. Giving a slight nod to The Cure with a hint of melancholy with Wypech’s bass-baritone vocal range offers the perfect contrast to the contemporary upbeat rhythm.


‘TINDER GIRL’ is light-hearted and combines old school alternative rock from the late ‘90s and feel-good rock. With distinctive vocal performance and a new take on the typical romance tale, ‘TINDER GIRL’ showcases a level of cheerfulness in the right kind of way making it stand out on the album.


‘Bubba Does’ embodies classic rock and roll with a post-punk vibe.‘Bubba Does’ is a catchy track that paints a picture of a one-sided love story, a relatable song. , it is told perfectly through repetitive guitar riffs and toe-tapping drums that makes this an enjoyable and relatable listen.


The album takes a minimalist style and focuses on expression rather than pure energy. This is prevalent in the track ‘Girl With Sponge.’ A story led tune that perfectly builds a vivid image in the listener’s mind but each listen builds a new image and interpretation to directly pinpoint. Dramatic with strong lyrics and an eerie style, this is the perfect track to listen to on a rainy day. Building on pure atmosphere and expression, the song features Catlea whose softer vocals complements Wypech’s deeper tones perfectly.


‘Light No Out’ is a vicious composition with a slumberous bass where the listener is transported to a dream-like state. Whereas ‘Consecutively Dumb’ combines echoing vocals and distorted sounds that give a ‘90s grunge style.


Throughout ‘Mellow Joy’ each track takes on a different persona, from folky rock and roll to a hypnotic bass and a gothic edge. Bringing a refreshing take on post-punk, ‘Mellow Joy’ focuses on mood and expression rather than just energy. With a feeling of dissolution mixed in with a contemporary and upbeat style, it’s no doubt that Snakedoctors have created a spectacular album that is both immersive and perfect for a mindless, chilled listen.



Ana Joy King


Image: ‘Mellow Joy’ Official Album Cover

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