Friday, November 26, 2021

sketchface drops new single ‘ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU’

Bringing an unfamiliar but welcome warmth to a track, sketchface has released their latest single, ‘ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU’. 

A love song is not quite the norm for sketchface, as their back catalogue consists of topics such as overthinking, anxiety, and battling daily struggles, sometimes in a genre they call ‘ghost rock’. 

Via their Instagram, sketchface mentions that this is the “first Genuinely Happy song” they’ve written, and although this may be something new, it’s something they do extremely well. 

This latest track features sketchface’s own take on some great aspects of the indie rock genre, from the layers of shouting voices, the heartfelt lyrics, and the catchy hypnotic electric guitar riff. It opens with a completely vulnerable line “I don’t remember the last time I felt / like a stable member of the human race”, which relates to the subject matter of many of sketchface’s songs, but this one takes a slightly different twist. 

sketchface effortlessly concocts painfully relatable lyrics yet wraps them up in the warmth of their voice and indie guitar. Lines such as “so now I’m here writing a fucking love song / after saying that I wouldn’t get attached” perfectly capture the struggle between being in love with someone but your brain still having doubts. This is echoed through lines like, “that anxious part of me keeps saying I’m wrong / but around you I’ve never felt quite so free”. 

With layers of haunting harmonies, the wonderfully simple chorus repeats the title line “all I think about is you”, sucking listeners into a trance. The song ends with the word “you” shouted passionately without any other music, really hammering home the powerful emotions embedded within this track. ‘ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU’ is the perfect track for staying warm through winter walks and commutes, and shows a side to sketchface we hope to see more of. 

Robyn Hill


Image: ‘ALL I THINK ABOUT IS YOU’ Official Single Artwork (by @rainonthecanvas)

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