Thursday, October 07, 2021

You’ll Will Wish T. Evann and Oscar Lang Collaborated Sooner After Hearing Their Newest Single, ‘Pointing The Finger’

When listening to the indie rock track ‘Pointing the Finger’ by T. Evann featuring Oscar Lang, there is an immediate relaxing feel to it. Quite strikingly, it will give hints of folk music similar to the sounds of the Canadian indie band, Foxwarren. The single is a masterpiece from start to finish. 

The track begins with smooth drums paired perfectly with a stunning bass drop thirteen seconds later. Not too long after, T. Evann’s signature mellow vocals begin, which gleam from the start of the song through to the very end, nicely complimenting the depth of instrumentals.

The first few words “Baby / This time acting crazy” establishes the narrative and carries this right to the chorus “I’m pointing my finger / It’s all in my mind”. However, the lyrics “Lately / my world’s been kind of shaky / And on the daily / I’m hoping you don’t hate me” are outstanding; T. Evann does an amazing job of poetically describing an anxious mental state which is a common theme throughout the track.

It is amazing how beautifully the song lyrics contrast with the soothing vocals of the artist. At a minute and fifty-five seconds, the sudden dip is a surprise and the switch up is a special treat for the listener’s senses, before the song picks the pace back up and takes the listeners through a vivid sound story.

This is an amazing release. It really is proof that we need more collaborations from T. Evann and Oscar Lang. When these two skilled musicians are together on a track, the result is original music that stands out from others in its genre. 

Most recently T. Evann put out EP Headblush in 2020 and now listeners are looking forward to a succeeding melodic album. If future music from T. Evann sounds just as good as ‘Pointing a Finger' then without a doubt it will be just as successful, if not more, than what preceded it.

Komal Qureshi


Image: 'Pointing the Finger' Official Single Artwork

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