Friday, October 08, 2021

Bones in Butter bring darkness to your autumn with new single ‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’

Bones in Butter are a five-piece post-punk band from Belgrade consisting of  singer and lyricist Milutin Krašević (vocals, synths, samples, music and lyrics), Luna Škopelja (vocals), Todor Živković (guitar), Srdjan Popov (bass, mix & master) and Marcelo Effori (drums).

This is Not What You Promised Us’ is a melodic, faithful single which deserves more than a few listens around the turntable.

The tune starts with some thoughtful lyrics; “The streets were crowded with people looking at the sky / We were waiting for a ray of light”. The “ray of light” is nowhere to be found – “ ….instead we saw an ugly face in the clouds”. Singer and lyricist Milutin Krašević’s words  are not at all dissimilar to that of Ian Curtis of Joy Division because - they contain a disparate notion of emptiness and silence. 

‘This Is Not What You Promised Us’ continues; “We thought we knew exactly what you had in mind / We sold our souls, left everything behind / And then you botched, you lied, you broke everything”.The song pictures a dystopia, though it is unclear who the singer is talking to, whether it's God, or some other force.

It then drops into the chorus which repeats “Now we all know this is not what you promised us / Now we all know this is not what you promised us”. It is a fantastic hook, full of powerful, brooding energy whilst the music is also careful and dark. 

The song descends into a hook that has more of a chilled and melodic feel it with lyrics such as, “Now we all know this is you, this is who you are /Now we all know this is you, this is who you are”.The listener is given something to escape to, whether it’s walking around London, headphones in hand, or in the suburbs, bored and alone. As the song ends, it slowly builds up with beautiful guitar crescendos as the chorus repeats. 

Bones in Butter could be compared to the likes of Ought, Preoccupations and Iceage for their post-punk sound and it wouldn’t be surprising if one day they were placed on the same festival bill as any of them. 


Jacqueline Bowerman


Image: 'This Is Not What You Promised Us' Official Single Artwork


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